Thermal Grizzly


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Thermal Grizzly – Hydronaut – 1Gram

With its excellent thermal conductivity, Hydronaut can also be used in the overclocking area, but it was specially developed for users with large heat sinks…

Thermal Grizzly – Aeronaut Thermal Paste 1 Gram

Although the proportion of metallic elements is slightly lower compared to other products in our range, Aeronaut also offers reliable and high-performance thermal conductivity. In the laboratory test,…

Thermal Grizzly – Carbonaut Thermal Pad

The high-tech carbon thermal pads of the Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut series can be used as an excellent alternative to thermal paste from the medium performance…

Thermal Grizzly – Conductonaut – 1Gram

The Conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste was developed for applications with a high degree of efficiency. The Conductonaut is recommended as a top product for experienced users who…

Thermal Grizzly – Kryonaut – 1Gram

“Kryo” – the Greek word for “cold”, which is also used in cryotechnology – indicates that the Kryonaut thermal paste is specially designed for use…

Thermal Grizzly – Kryonaut – 2Gram

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme is a high-performance thermal paste based on our proven Kryonaut paste. Maximum thermal conductivity through the smallest particle size and layer…