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Cougar – Screamer-X Gaming Microphone

Intuitive Tap to Mute Button Indication Environmental Noise Reduction Switch 3 Omni-dimensional Microphones 4 Pick-up Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Shotgun, Bi-directional & Omni-directional Convenient Lag-free…

Fifine K669B Metal USB Condensor Microphone

Plug and play USB recording microphone with 5.9-Foot USB Cable included for computer PC laptop that connects directly to USB port for record music,…

Fifine K670 USB Microphone

Top size of capsule among USB mics Warm tone for recording podcast USB compatibility with Mac/Windows Latency-free monitoring, mic control Metal body & podcast…

FiFine K678 USB Microphone

High-and-low-end heavy tone Shins in voice-over, stream, podcast USB setup, all-metal construction Latency-free headphone monitoring Quick mute button with LED indicator Headphone & microphone…

Fifine K683A USB Microphone

USB-A & C combo jacks for direct connection with PCs/mobiles Real-time monitoring & dual-Layer pop filter are made for recording Recording vocal/voice-over in 24-bit …

Fifine K730 USB Condenser Microphone

Fool-proof USB installation: plug-and-play on Mac, Windows, and PS4 Compact size will not block your face during streaming. Get rid of bulky plastic headset. …

Havit – GK56 Gaming Microphone

Plug & Play USB Computer Microphone, Simply plug it into the USB port Compact Design with adjustable neck – Convenient using Unique RGB light…

Havit – H207d Microphone

Microphone captures sound recordings with very high quality Dynamic design of the microphone is ideal for music production, live input, performances, or home use …